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We are one of the largest knife and tomahawk throwing clubs in the UK and were formed on the 24th August 2016. The founding members are Alan K Parish, Roger Nuttall and Terry Longhurst. The club has grown in popularity in this short time and our aim is to promote a fun and safe environment to practice this great sport of precision knife and tomahawk throwing. Check out the Video section to see some of the events and competitions we run and attend throughout the year. We work closely with the Scouts and help teach the scout leaders to set up and run ranges safely throughout the country.The club is run using  K.A.T.T.A.  guidelines. The club meets every Tuesday and the occasional weekend all year round. Every club day I post on the E.B.T. Facebook group so its the easy way to stay in touch with all the latest news and pictures. Join the group on Facebook . If you have any questions please use the contact form.

The purpose of K.A.T.T.A. is to foster the art/sport of throwing knives, axes, double bit axes and tomahawks in the UK and to offer help in the promotion of this sport and its impeccable safety record


Accepting Electronic Payments
Accepting Electronic Payments

Our fee for your first visit is £25.00 for the session which includes all equipment and instruction. If you are invited to join afterwards the future cost is £15.00 per year membership and then £10.00 per session if you use any of our equipment. If you have your own legal equipment which passes our inspection then it will be £6.00 per session.



The cost is £15.00 for the year.


Times are 7pm until 9.30pm

If you would like to come along for the 1st time please click HERE to be taken to booking in page where you can fill in the form, please use new member tab.


Contact Alan on 07879 205645

or use contact form


The advice below refers to sport throwing knives but applies equally to the many types of axe that are typically thrown in competition too.

Throwing safely

Although most throwing knives don’t have sharp edges, they do have a point and can inflict great harm.  Always be aware that you are engaging in a sport that can do damage to people and property if you do not conduct yourself in a safe and sensible manner.


Be sure that you have a backstop to your target, something that will stop your blades if you miss the target.  Check what is behind this backstop as there may be times when your blade travels over or around your backstop.  Know what is on the other side of it.

People around you

Always be aware of people in your immediate area.  There should be no one between you and the target.  Mark off an area using rope or tape to keep people out.  If there are other throwers next to you, keep a look out as their blades may rebound too; sometimes as far back as they are throwing or further.  Always leave a safe distance.

Your knives

Check them periodically for nicks or cracks.  When knives hit each other or the ground they can generate sharp burrs.  The last thing you want is a gash from a knife that doesn’t usually have an edge!  Check them during your sessions and repair with a metal file if necessary.

Alcohol and knives

Alcohol and drugs do not mix with knife throwing.  Ever.  Feel free to have a drink after the knives have been put away. 

Important legal considerations – responsible travelling

Because of the media attention recently, about knife crime, I feel we should be seen, as throwers, to be completely within the law. Under Section 139 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 it is an offence to have a bladed or sharply pointed item, in a public place, without good reason. An exception is the carrying of a sub 3″ folding non-lockable knife.

Our throwing ” knives” and tomahawks are dull-edged, but could be construed as being sharply pointed items. So I would like to suggest that the use at home, on your own private property, under proper safety conditions, you will not contravene this law.

But when travelling to one of the throwing days you will be in a public place so a good reason is needed to travel with them. To me, this is a good reason if travelling to an organised event. It would be prudent to have the “knives” out of sight, in the boot of the car and in some sort of box so as not to be easily accessible. Below picture is a lockable box ideal for transporting anywhere.

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Essex Backyard Throwers
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by David
What a helpful lot

Alan, Roger and the gang were very supportive and helpful when I first visited EBT advising on safety protocols, techniques and equipment. An extremely friendly club with experienced trainers.

 by Mark
Great club, Great people

Great place to learn the sport of Axe and Knife throwing with the safest equipment, environment and instruction. A fun bunch of people where you can learn a new hobby or learn to compete from some of the best throwers in the country.

 by Roger Nuttall
Instruction for newbies and throwers.

This is a very friendly club,which is very willing and able to encourage and tutor all new throwers to the sport,and help those who want to achieve an international standard. They have a good selection of tutors who are keen to encourage you to achieve your potential. Very friendly group of people,male and female.

 by Daylus
Fantastic club

Brilliant club. Second competition here and still loving it. Great guys running it, everyone is always friendly, the set up is good and the whole event well organized. Recommend anyone in the area that wants to give the sport a go to get in touch and arrange a session.

 by Martin Forrester
Great time

Thoroughly good fun, very safe and enjoyable.

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