K.A.T.T.A. Approved Clubs.

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Run by Little John Taylor this is the home of K.A.T.T.A. and was the first range to open in the UK. Based in a copse in farmland it has a great space with lots of targets in a great setting. It has a car park near the farm entrance with a short walk to the range. Facilities include a large covered area with stove and tea and coffee. Website or Facebook page.


Run by Graham Monkman, Matt, Nige and Rich. The range is based on the grounds at the village hall in Bilton. Directions to our range can be found on our contact page.Our regular meetings in Bilton are very informal so please come along and have a go you don’t need to be a member or join but we do encourage you to say hello in our Facebook group. Website or Facebook page.


Run by Rick Brister , Daniel Goodrum and Paul Simpkins. The range is relatively new but well equipped with all types of targets. Good car parking at the venue. This is another scout venue with great facilities. Website or Facebook page.


Woodend Warriors is run by Paul Swain. Knife and Axe throwing club at Woodend Farm Complex, Huthwaite. Club night’s every Wednesday. They have a large indoor and outdoor ranges so it is great for all weathers. Check out the Facebook page for more information.


Valhalla Lanes is run by Jace and Simon and is based near Colchester. Although it is a business it is approved by K.A.T.T.A. as its targets and rules are the same. Jace has been a long time member of Essex Backyard Throwers and opens the club up on a Wednesday night to any member of E.B.T. or K.A.T.T.A. at a reduced rate. Website or Facebook.


Milton Keynes is run by Mark Bond.They meet every Wednesday evening between 7 and 10pm at the memorial hall in great Linford just off marsh drive, and we throw knives, axes and tomahawks. For more details ask Mark Bond! We are part of the Jugglers Anonymous Club so if you find them you have found us! Facebook page


Jorvik Berserkers Throwing Club is run by Richard Loxton , Mark and Billy. Based at North-star Club Sancton they predominately offer knife and axe throwing but also archery , shooting and bush-craft. Open most Saturdays but always on Sundays. Check out the Facebook page for more information.


Axemore Throwing Club is run by Ian Radmore. It is a north Yorkshire venue near Thirsk just off J50 A1. A fairly new club which is undergoing a large renovation at the moment. More details to come.Check out the Facebook page.


White Wolfs Knife,Axe and Tomahawk Throwing club, is for people with an interest in throwing as a skill and sport. we look at all abilities and strengths and develop them to their full potential. Based in Linthwaite Yorkshire near Huddersfield.Check out the Facebook page.


Springfield Knife and Axe Throwers is for people with an interest in throwing as a skill and sport. We look at all abilities and strengths and develop them to their full potential.We are situated on the outskirts of Ancaster, near Grantham and are part of Springfield Rifle and Pistol Club. http://www.springfieldrifleandpistolclub.co.uk/We follow the Knife, Axe and Tomahawk throwing association UK rules(KATTA UK). Check out our Facebook page by clicking HERE


The Eurothrowers club unites European knife throwers and axe throwers. It was founded in 2003 at the Big Throwers Meeting near Berlin. The goal of the club is to make the communication between knife throwers and axe throwers from all about Europe easier, to assist people in organizing events, and to promote the sport. A core event is the World Championship that is held in a different country each year.

The EuroThrowers have over 150 personal members, many of them living in the following countries: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia. In addition, there are more than 20 clubs that are member of the EuroThrowers umbrella organisation.Check out the Facebook page.