Below are a few of the things we try to keep in stock most of the time. PLEASE NOTE , THESE KNIVES WILL ONLY BE SOLD TO CLUB MEMBERS AND AFFILIATED CLUBS.

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J T Throwers are a great first knife for many people and we use these on our workshops. £55.00 for a set of 3. In Stock

Hainsworth Bowie’s , a slightly longer and heavier knife, great for beginners, used in all our workshops.of65.00 for a set of 3. In Stock.

Angels, This is perfect for learning with as it has 3 x sticking edges so allows us to get you sticking and then adjust grip and distance to get a perfect point stick. Used in all our workshops and ideal for the younger person. £54.00 a set of 3. Out of Stock

Baseball Cap with Red or Yellow Piping £10.00. In Stock

Norse Hawk Replacement Handle by Woodsmiths £10.00 each. In Stock

Granfors Bruks Double Bit Handle by Woodsmiths. £21.00 each. In Stock

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