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Cool Blades

Cool Blades is owned and run by George Leeming who is based in Kippax Wakefield UK. He has a website at or a Facebook Page. George is a world recognized thrower with a World Championship Gold medal under his belt as well as numerous medals from other competitions. He is 54 years old and started throwing in 2012, did some competitions and did ok in them loll ….started playing with making knives in 2017 mainly to look after my own knives which  my very good friend Doug Herod made for me and was showing me how it was done but sadly has now passed away so I decided to buy all his tooling and started to play around with making them …then Richard Loxton asked if I would make a set for him so I did and he loved them so much he put them on Facebook and thats where it all started. I will be making all different  types of throwing knives from bowies to no spin ….I’m hoping to carry on making them as long as I can but only part time at the moment and see where it goes.

Joseph Darrah

Joseph Darrah

Joseph ‘Brokenfeather’ Darrah is a living treasure of the throwing arts community. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Joe has an international reputation as a master knife maker, as an Ambassador of Thunk and he is a 10 time World Champion title holder in his own right.

Co-founder of the IKTHOF, life time supporter of the AKTA and a plethora of other clubs, societies and groups, Joe is recognized across the world as one of the most generous and tirelessly thoughtful throwers out there.

Gravibus Cultro Knife and Axe Makers ITALY

Gravibus Cultro Knives are based in Italy, they make and customise most knives and axes. Check out his facebook and Instagram pages or email him by clicking the logos.

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