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LUCKY ME Music Video by Phoebe Green

Our Range-master Alan K Parish was the Technical Advisor,trainer and thrower for this Music Video filmed in Hackney by Riff Raff Films.

Below are a few pictures and the Video.

Training with Mackenzie Davis , star of Terminator Dark Fear , Black Mirror , Blade Runner 2049 and several other movies. For her next 10 episode series ( Station 11 ) she will play Kirsten Raymonde who defends herself with knives.

The training was done at Target Sports World over a few days where Mackenzie improved with each of our sessions. Her trainer for the sessions was Alan K Parish from Essex Backyard Throwers.

A few club members went to the One show outside broadcast show to teach and talk about axe throwing in the UK. Unfortunately they ran out of time at the end of the show so we had little time to show our full range of skills.

E.B.T at the One Show talking and teaching the celebs. The throwers were Alan K Parish , Roger Nuttall , Mandy Micra Marciano , Paul Robinson and Lisa Deneen.

Celebrity Big Brother

Alan K Parish was the technical advisor and Instructor on the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Axe Challenge

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