Coutanque was created one night in September 2018 by the French  No Sleep Team.

This precision game is played in two teams, the players throw their knives as close as possible to a nail placed in the centre of a log round, laying flat on the ground.

In addition the knives are thrown underarm from below (as bowling) and players are placed behind the throwing line 3 meters from the nail.

You could play against an opponent with 3 knives, or in teams of two to three players, each with 6 knives.

The matches are played in 2 winning sets of 11 or 13 points.

Coutanque is a fun and competitive precision game !

To purchase the knives for this great game click HERE

Check out the website for all the rules by clicking HERE

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Add some engraving as well.
Baptiste one of the inventors of this game.

Above is a video explaining some of the rules.

Below is the final at the Italian Championships held in Carpi 2021

Below is the semi final at Woodend Competition, this was up to 5 points due to amount of competitors.

Below is the Italian final 2021 from a different angle.

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