Outside Event Photos and Videos

Below are some videos from our recent competition 2022 held at Essex Backyard Throwers

Below are some photos and a video from the BJC 2022 Ramsgate where the club taught the Jugglers for 6 days.

Below are some photos and videos of the European Juggling Convention which took place at Newark Showground in August 2019. The club was asked to run knife and axe workshops for the attending jugglers over 6 days. We taught nearly 400 people before we closed so that we could attend the knife and axe throwing championships taking place at the same venue.

EJC and World Knife and Axe Championships.

Below are some pictures taken at the British Juggling Convention 2018. The club ran several workshops throughout the 5 days.

Below is a video of a Western Skills Weekend we attended and ran some workshops as well as performing .

Western Skills Festival 2018
Alan K Parish throwing at the Silhouette Target
Knife catching ( not to be tried without proper training )
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