Latest News

We have teamed up with based near gallows corner Romford and now have a Thursday Night from 8pm till 10pm.The first evening is 10th September and every Thursday afterwards You will need to supply your own equipment and book on their website shop link HERE . You must be a member of either K.A.T.T.A. or E.B.T. and have a membership card to produce on entry.You will need to pay via Paypal or credit card on booking. Please see map below for directions.


Range fees for new visitors 1st night is now £20.00

Members using any of our knives or axes the cost is now £10.00

Members using own equipment the cost is now £6.00

We have also introduced a Booking system available on this website. Please do NOT turn up if you haven’t pre booked.

The Instructors got together recently to do some much needed maintenance due to nature trying to reclaim the lanes. Pictures Below.