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K15 The Shield https://www.facebook.com/RickTheRocketAimGames/

Below is a brief description of Rick and some of the events he has run.

Rick Lemberg on the left

I am a resident of Montara, California.   It is a tiny town of 2,300 isolated just 25 minutes south of San Fransisco, California. 

As a 9-time World Champion and Hall of Fame master of the art and sport of knife and tomahawk throwing, I tour the world as a hobby and have had a part in preserving and promoting our sport.  I most recently won the Hall of Fame World Championships in Ottawa Canada in 2019.

Four years ago, I founded the Global Aim Games.  I run it and host it alone.  We have completed 17 tournaments that each run 80 days on-line.   Our 18th Tournament is for sports throwing of Axes and Tomahawks.  It launched on schedule on April 3rd as you can see on my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/rick.lemberg.31  and on our Aim Games HQ Page:   https://www.facebook.com/RickTheRocketAimGames/ .

The Aim Games is 100% free to all of the world.  It has been since inception. It is all done on-line, as though it was designed for this virus quarantine.   In reality I designed it to enable athletes from all nations to compete together, learn and observe masters and experts from many nations, and all train and compete on a level playing field. 

We put up a difficult challenge that begins easy and becomes harder and harder.   Athletes enter and then do their best to improve on their personal best.  Doing so supersedes their previous score.  In this way all improve together and at the end of 80 days, the Top 10 overall, Top 3 Ladies within them, and others win the prizes.  The prize pools are over $10,000 in each of our recent events, including H4 which runs for 89 days through to June 22nd.

The Aim Games are 100% free for the world.  It is my gift to the sport and to honor my masters.   I run it all as a hobby from Montara.  I watch and review every video and do all the scoring, prizes, shipping, etc.   A “hobby” that I love.  It is run like a business, except without money involved for the entrants, except prizes that they may win.

We are one sports tournament that is thriving as we were designed for exactly this remote type of sports competition so that poor athletes in Indonesia can compete with martial arts masters in Italy, Hungary, Russia, China, Sweden, The USA,  etc.   Check out the score sheet.  It may look complex, but it has 63 different metrics that our entrants all understand.  See the national flags in the Top 10 and all of the nations listed.   Not only the ones I mentioned above, but Chile, The Gambia, Canada, Spain, Germany, and many many more.

Superstar Challenge H4 . In this competition you had to have 3 x 1 inch dots spread around the target and you have to hit the 1st dot from a single spin and immediately hit the 2nd dot from 1.5 spin, next you have 3 x attempts from 2 x spin to hit the final dot.
Aim Games H4 Competition. In this competition you needed just a 4 inch bullseye and a camera. You had to hit the bull as many times in succession from 3 different distances. As soon as you miss that is your final score. In the above video the score is 30 points but the leader of the event has a score of 295 which is very Impressive.

Italian Stay at home Competition

Italian stay at home Covid 19 Competition. In this competition you had to score exactly 100 points in 23 throws or less. The perfect score is 20 throws.
Italian stay at home Covid 19 Competition. In this competition you had to score exactly 100 in 23 throws or less. The perfect score is 20 throws.
K.A.T.T.A Online Mountain Man Competition 1st part. In this section you had to throw 1 knife 5 times into center card and then 1 axe into center card 5 times, next you had to throw 1 knife into each card in turn and then 1 axe into each card in turn. Points are scored by either just sticking the target for 1 point or cutting the card for 2 x points or 3 points if you stick in the card without cutting the outside. Maximum score available 60 points.
K.A.T.T.A. Online Mountain Man Competition 2nd part. In this section you do exactly the same as in the 1st section but from further distances. The distance is 2 x spin knife and 1.5 spin axe handle up. Points are scored in the same way. Maximum score available 60 points.

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